SAS - Standards Aligned Systems

SAS is the Pennsylvania Department of Educations (PDE) initative for focused instruction.
I will focus the majority of this page on mathematics.

• PDE links

SAS - Pennsylvania Department of Education Standards Aligned System -
SAS wiki -
PA Math Standards -
PA Math Anchors -
PDE Math Resources - quite extensive from Easton Area School District

• Other non-state Standards

NCTM guidelines - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - principles and standards for mathematics
NCTM's 3 standards documents

• Research

Foundations of Success by the National Mathematics Advisory Panel - Reports of the Task Groups and Subcommittees - 2008

• Data Driven (Instruction | Reform)

Center for Data Driven Reform (Johns Hopkins)

JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY Come to the 2008 Fall K-12 Leadership Institute on Increasing Student Achievement: Identifying and Implementing Research-Proven Programs. Learn more about how to identify, select, and implement research-proven programs and practices for your schools. See how existing schools have used these interventions to achieve unprecedented levels of student achievement...and how you can replicate those results in your schools!

• Terminology


RtI - Response to Intervention
external image rti-120-x-110.jpg
Response to Intervention (RTI), a systematic way to help struggling learners and identify students for special education, is quickly becoming a national standard. This RTI reference card from DayOne is your best concise resource for planning, implementing and evaluating RTI. Brimming with suggestions and action steps, this card will guide you through all aspects and processes of RTI practices.

Research-based Instruction

Scientifically Based Mathematics Research (SBMR)

Research Based Mathematics Instruction (RBMI)