Raszewski Family

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What: Family re-union and get together

Where: David & Susan Raszewski, Baltimore, MD

When: Saturday, October 10, 2009

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A great launchpad for information is the "Raszewski Family" google group at

For great photos and videos go to the "Raszewski Family" flickr group pool at

If you want to look at all the flickr online photos/videos that are tagged with "raszewski"

Ed Bujak's place to brainstorm about anything "Raszewski"

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Virginia Raszewski's Raszewski Family flickr photo set(album)

Ed Bujak's (ebujak) collection of Raszewski Family sets(albums):

What Internet or Web 2.0 tools to use to facilitate collaborating, posting, sharing, etc. ?

You can edit this area with photos, audio annotations, text, video ... so put your thoughts and other stuff up here, so all of us can enjoy learning from your thoughts and contributions. So get (or dust off) those microphones, videocams, scanners, and other things working! We will be reorganizing this a few times as information comes in.

I would like to have as much of this "subscribe-able" so when any particular information changes that you have identified, then "it" will notify you by email of changes. I will do this through RSS and you can subscribe to automatic notification of that page changing.

Raszewski Family Google Group
Raszewski Family Google Group

Suggested Conventions

  1. I propose a file naming convention that includes the date of the information of "YYYYMMDD.event name", that's a 4-digit year, 2 digit month, 2 digit day, such as "20081011.Fred Klemick's 60th Birthday" This makes it easy to sort by date or short event name. Sticking information on the end would also be informative such as: 20081011.Fred Klemick's 60th Birthday.LindaR.LorraineK.StanleyR.jpg (a photo or an image)
  2. Tag as much as you can with links, names, maps (geotag), audio, video, etc. This makes it searchable. This will become more "fun" and useful as more information gets added and others comment on previously posted resources.
  3. It would be very nice if we all had our own individual facebook account. Facebook facilitates "social networking." Social networking is about connecting people. Be sure to fill in your profile. My facebook ID is ebujak and you can get there by www.facebook.com and searching or direct at www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1279271458&v=info&viewas=1279271458
  4. It would be very nice if we all have our own individual google account. Google has many tools to help us. You do not need a separate email account, for example, my google account is my email address at hotmail: Edward_Bujak[at]hotmail.com Be sure to fill in your profile.


  • facebook group for photos and small videos - maybe "Raszewkis Rule!" look at "Bujaks Rule!" - this is fun, but only if you have a facebook account
  • "Raszewski Family" google group - http://groups.google.com/group/raszewski-family - for group home page, group discussions, groups members list, group pages, group files. This will be by invitation ONLY!! - Once invited you can say and post anything.
  • "Raszewski Family" flickr group - http://flickr.com/groups/raszewski-family - for online photos and videos (<50MB), post any of your photos and videos online at flickr and add the "Raszewski Family"-related photos/video to this pool of photos
  • blog -
  • genealogy - anyone know a good Web-based version that we can put our whole tree out there?
  • private information - name, mailing addresses, email addresses, name you go by, [parents, brothers/sisters, children, birthdate of those, death of those)], nicknames, IM Addreses (AIM, Google Talk, Skype, Windows Live, Yahoo), other addresses (social networks like facebook, myspace, flickr, affiliations: college(s), groups, activities, etc.
  • private information #2 - calender with birthdates, deaths, anniversaries, and important dates - all with links to useful information - google calendar?
  • public information - maybe just a simple reference to any social network that you want us to find your public information, or any other information that you want to share with us about you
  • Social network - Footnote Pages - gather and share information about someone or something (maybe good for the above)
  • map (geotag) - pins on a map where we live and/or consider our home town (google earth, google maps) and the locations where we went toschools we attended
  • photos/videos - flickr is nice because of unlimited quota (for a small yearly fee), but facebook is nicer for the social networking features of phototagging, etc. - maybe both? -- do we want one place to put our photos/videos? This is good because it's in one place, but it's annoying if you have your photos an other stuff already in some online resource.
  • Voicethread - mashup for multiple audio/video annotations to photos


  • Raszewski - Edward Bujak's collection of Raszewski photo/video sets (albums)
  • 20081011-Fred Klemick's 60th Birthday - Edward Bujak's photos/videos from Fred Klemick's 60th birthday party at Lorraine Klemick's home in Cinnaminson NJ. Fred and Lorraine are brother/sister, son/daughter of Alfreda Raszewski and Ted Klemick.
  • 20080705-0712-Visit Fr. Edward Raszewski - Edward Bujak's photos from his stay in the Pittsburgh area, June 5-12, 2008. While lin Pittsburgh for separate robotics camps, Ed and daughter, Gabrielle Bujak, stayed at the Spiritan Center, Bethel Park, PA, where Fr. Edward Raszewski lives.

Reunion ideas

  • Time is early to mid-October, 2009
  • Any ideas for venues? We would prefer a location that provided inside facilities (weather insensitive). Volunterr Fire Hall was mentioned.as was possibly a multi-day "camping" activity.


Who is this person?

A little area where you put anyquestion about some relationship and see who replies?
  • Who is Meg Mozi? I knwo she is lsted as a facebook friend fo Rebecca Raszewski, living in Naperville, near Chicago, daughter of Stanley and _ _ Raszewski, Philadelphia
  • Who are the Daborowki's (sp?)? Ed Bujak met lady named Daborowski (sp?) at Uncle Al's viewing, Ocotber 1, 2008, Philadelphia, PA
  • Who are the Wetzel (sp?)? Ed Bujak met a lady named Wetzel (sp?) at Uncle Al's viewing, Ocotber 1, 2008, Philadelphia, PA
Boy, do we need some software/database tool for this genealogy stuff. :)


How am I related to you? :)
Does anyone know how these genealogy trees work with what information?
www.genealogy.com/16_cousn.html - recommended by Rebecca Raszewski

Internet brings families closer, study says - Contrary to the belief by some that technology creates a wall between kids and their parents, a national study released by the Pew Internet & American Life Project says the ubiquity of cell phones and computers among kids might actually be a good thing for families, reports the Los Angeles Times. | Read More

Polish Culinary Stuff

  • Trenton Farmer's Market - Pulaski Meats (609-599-4206) - authentic Polish. Many Polish come here! They let you sample the many different kielbasi's. Yes they have everything Polish food homemade: golobki, pierogies (many stuffings), pickles, breads, babka, chrusciki, placki, kapuska (sp?), and imported foods. I never asked for duck's blood soup.
  • National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa- Doylestown, PA - food only on Sundays, I think (and during the Fall festival). This is near me (Ed Bujak), so call me if you are going here.
  • Krakus Market- 3150 Richmond St., Philadelphia, PA - restaurant and super-market. Has anyone been here?
  • Syrenka- 3173 Richmond St., Philadelphia, PA - great food, simple atmosphere