This is a collection of resources for teaching of mathematics focused on grades 7-12.

• Software - free

  • GeoGebra (in many languages!) GeoGebra - free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus.-
    • GeoGebra website
    • GeoGebra User Forum
    • GeoGebraWiki
    • GeoGegra Math
    • GeoGebra Prim (Java Applet) - GeoGebra for younger students
    • Mr. L's geogebra page
    • Miscellaneous GeoGebra links - great resource
    • GeoGebra Tutorials - great!
    • GeoGebra Basic Geometric Construction Series - Introduction to Basic Construction: Construction versus Drawing GeoGebra Basic Construction 1 – Constructing an Equilateral Triangle GeoGebra Basic Construction 2 – Constructing an Isosceles Triangle GeoGebra Basic Construction 3 – Constructing a Right Triangle GeoGebra Basic Construction 4 – Constructing a Square GeoGebra Basic Construction 5 – Constructing a Rectangle GeoGebra Basic Construction 6 - Constructing [...]
    • GeoGebra Intermediate Tutorial Series - GeoGebra Tutorial 1 – Midpoints and Quadrilaterals In this tutorial, we will use GeoGebra to investigate the properties of the polygon formed by connecting consecutive midpoints of sides of a quadrilateral. The tools that we will use in this construction are new point, segment between two points, midpoint or center, and polygon, distance tool and angle tool. GeoGebra Tutorial [...]
    • GeoGebra Essentials Series - The GeoGebra page is getting very crowded. As part of my de-cluttering program this weekend, I am splitting the GeoGebra tutorial page into different pages. So, you can expect more list posts. My apologies. I have changed the date to January 1, so that it will not be displayed on the front page/ GeoGebra Essentials [...]
    • GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial Series - GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial 1 – Exporting a GeoGebra File to a Dynamic HTML GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial 2 – Embedding a GeoGebra Applet in Blogger/Blogspot GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial 3 – Embedding a GeoGebra in a Wiki GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial 4 – Constructing Customized Tools 1 GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial 5 - Constructing Customized Tools 2 GeoGebra Advanced Tutorial [...]
  • Mathematica Player - for Wolfram Research's - Wolfram Demonstrations - project and allow playing of Mathematica Notebook files interactively. (I am biased to CAS; especially Mathematica and Derive [used in TI CAS graphing calculators, including TI-Nspire™ family])
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• Software - other maintained mathematical software lists/pages:

• Virtual Manipulatives (interactive mathematics) - Simulation/Modeling

• Video (dynamic, but not interactive)

• Math Tutorials

  • Free math videos.
  • Mathsmaster -
  • Math A Tube – This site offers a collection of videos from users and websites that are arranged by mathematics topics and sub-topics. Just by watching a video, you can learn very basic skills and problem solving, as well as more advanced material like Geometry.
  • Math TV – This site is full of high quality math tutorials. Many different levels are covered, from basic mathematics to Algebra. You are able to create your own playlists so you can arrange them by lesson or subjects you are teaching or learning to help enhance learning.
  • Tutor USA – Teachers and students can find a lot of helpful links on this site. Along with the tutorials, there are also tons of free worksheets and lesson plans that you can use in your very own classroom. The videos range in length and style, so you are sure to find something that fits your needs.
  • Brightstorm – Here you will find great online study materials for math, as well as for tests like the ACT and SAT. All mathematics tutorials feature videos of math teachers explaining and demonstrating how to solve certain problems. You can view them right on the site or you can embed them in a wiki, website or classroom page.
  • Mathtrain.TV – This site was made from a group of students from a middle school in California. You can watch videos made by the students themselves. The student explanations may offer a different and more familiar approach to problem solving for many students. There are also videos by teachers that can be viewed.
  • Khan Academy -

• Ebooks

• Interesting Math Sites


list of math sites -

TeAchnology – This comprehensive online teacher’s warehouse offers free lesson plans for use in high school math. TeAchnology also features worksheets and rubrics.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives offers web-based concept tutorials to help with math teaching. These concept tutorials or virtual manipulatives allow your student to actually work with and visualize relationships.
Mathematics Lesson Plans – This lesson plan site features downloadable lesson plans for K-12 students. The lesson plans for high school math cover geometry and algebra.
FREE – FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence) offers over 100 resources for teaching algebra, geometry, data analysis, and number operations. Within this site, you will find activities, modules, lesson plans, advanced methods, and instructional units. – provides math lesson plans, games, and worksheets for high school math. Teachers can also use this site to connect with others through message boards, bulletin boards, and a teacher’s lounge.
BGFL – This interactive whiteboard site features activities for high school teachers to use in their classroom. Just a few of the resources listed are Angle Estimator, Graph Generator, and Explore Co-ordinates.
Topmarks – Topmarks provides free online interactive whiteboard resources for use in algebra, statistics, geometry, and measures. Through this site, teachers can also find resources for K-12 literacy, science, biology, history, religious studies, geography, art, and music.
MathSwap – Just as the name states, MathSwap is a free place for math teachers to swap lesson plans and activities. The lessons are presented in downloadable PDFs and cover grades 7-12.
Awesome Library – The Awesome Library offers discussions, games, lesson plans, projects, and worksheets for high school math. Within the pages of this site, you can find resources for algebra, calculus, data analysis, graphing, and trigonometry.
Education World – Education World features over 400 lesson plans, activities, games, and more for advanced math. Just a few of the math concepts featured on this site are algebra, trigonometry, geometry, probability, and statistics.
Interactivate – The Interactivate site is a good place to find free online lessons for your high school math classroom. The site features 98 different lessons for numbers and operations, geometry, algebra, statistics, probability, and more.
Mathway – With over a million problems already solved, Mathway offers a way for your students to compare and understand solutions to difficult math problems. Within this free beta site you can find solutions and graphs for basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus.
Wired Math – Wired Math offers free online games, exercises, and answers that teachers can use with their freshman students. The games are provided for number sense and numeration, linear relations, geometry, and algebra.

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• Research

  • Mathematics Activity Types - 6-page research paper from William & Mary College
  • Foundations of Success by the National Mathematics Advisory Panel - Reports of the Task Groups and Subcommittees - 2008
  • Math and Parents: Teacher-to-Teacher has developed resources for you to use in implementing the findings of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel. The panel has highlighted promising interventions to improve the mathematical knowledge of young children before they enter kindergarten. Teacher-to-Teacher has created a short film for schools and teachers to share with parents about what they can do to support their children's math knowledge and skills. We hope that you'll share it with parents during open house, conferences, or parent math night. This video and other digital learning opportunities are listed in the new Digital Learning tab on our website.
  • Executive Summary - 115 pages available as PDF
  • Foundations For Success: The Final Report Of The National Mathematics Advisory Panel
    Contains 45 findings and recommendations from the National Mathematics Advisory Panel on numerous topics including instructional practices, ... external image 1_more_icon.gif '
  • Executive Summary - 866 pages available as HTML
    Foundations for Success: Reports of the Task Groups and Subcommittees of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel
    Provides volumes one and two of the final report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, issued on March 13, 2008. This report contains 45 findings ... external image 1_more_icon.gif
  • Clay Mathematics Institute - Clay Mathematics Institute Library (serious math research)

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