Career Exploration - Fall 2012 - Quarter 1 & Quarter 2

Mr. Bujak

In an effort to be totally transparent and to support students 24/7/365.25, this volunteer-maintained and optional area is meant to be a collection of resources during the Fall 2012 semester "Career Exploration" 0.25 credit course at Hope Charter High School. Applicable resources are also posted with each assessment in Power School Gradebook.

Career Exploration Syllabus (Fall 2012)

Career Exploration course material (Google Drive) - also co-hosted on the \\hcsweb\filesharing HOPE shared network drive

HOPE Charter School calendar


Try to use slide applications that are available to you regardless of computer, regardless of computer platform;, regardless of your location.
Microsoft PowerPoint may be the de-facto standard, but most school computers (and maybe home computers) do not have PowerPoint.
I suggest Google Drive which includes Google Docs, a set of applications (Presentation for slides, Document for word processing, Spreadsheet for spreadsheets. Form for forms, Drawing for drawings) that is entirely browser-based --> you do not need to install anything.

Simply use any Web browser and go to and all your docs (slides, spreadsheets, word documents, etc.) will be there, in the cloud ... always available for you ... no need to save on a USB drive or email your file to yourself.

Of course you need to get a Google gmail account. Sign up for one ASAP.

You can get a link to any of your documents, such as this class set of slides, and share it (for read only) to This way you are not emailing people your actual file, filing up their email box, but instead only sending them a simple link to the shared document. You also control access to you r documents (words, slides, spreadsheets).


Get an email address, preferably Google (, and email me a simple intro email to

Great video on gmail features -

Great "manual" on Google Drive (Docs) -

Make-up (for excused absences): "Guidelines for Students Making Up Work After Absence or Suspension" (Make-up Policy09-10.doc 09/10/2010)