Team IFS
Kevin (and Shafi?)

Computer Science Spring 2011 Project

Hope Charter High School (wiki, blog, official site)

Mr. Bujak

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An virutal manipulative example -

5/31/2011 update: -------------------------------------------------

  1. control the left and right branching independently
  2. more GUI controls:
    1. sliders for red, green, blue, opacity - for background, for branches
    2. slider for each branch ratio scaling - must be less than 1
    3. slider for branch width (thickness)
    4. slider for each branch angle - 0..180 (probably more constrained)
      1. convert angle to vector to support 3-D angle!
    5. box for number of branches - 2..5 ?
  3. 3-D
    1. must have at least 3 branches, must change angle (2D) to a vector (for 3D)

image 1:

image 2:

image 3: